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The Moment You've Been All Been Waiting For...

The Ultimate in Video Gaming Codes...

The Everlasting

Totally Awesome


There have been just about
Greedy Mario Kart 64
playing people 2 this page!


I know that this is code is rumored to work, and
said to not work! Here is your prize for
just filling out my Guestbook! I wanted you to sign
the Guestbook because I like to have a lot of people
on it, well because it makes my page look good! I
really don't need a lot of people to sign it in
the future because then everyone will know about
my page so I don't need my hits higher because
...nevermind! Here's the code...

The Magikoopa code is:

Left C, Right C, Up C, A, R, B, Z, Z
or you may try
Left C, Right C, Up C, L, Z, Z, A

I have tried these codes, but I can't get
them to work... Please don't mail me with yer
fake codes, because I don't want 'em!

That's all I haveta say and DON'T TELL ANYONE
ABOUT THIS PAGE! Or I'll send somone out to
take care of you! =^_^=
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